Warning! New danger on the internet: Ransomware!

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Warning! New danger on the internet: Ransomware!

Postby [PLS]DONTHACK » May 17th, 2017, 15:38

Hello Dear Highxp Community!

I just wanna warn you about a new daily problem in the connection with surfing on the internet. This is a new virus on it, but this one in one of the most harmful virus what about i ever heard.

The extortion viruses are causing more and more destruction everywhere, the number of victims continues to increase, the nature of the attacks is constantly changing.
One of the fastest and most devastating malicious programs of our day locks user files or even their entire hard drive. An unattractive click, an attachment from an unknown sender, a harmless content embedded in the webpage, and our most exquisite family photos, our important corporate and private documents will be the victims of the virus at a glance. Recovery is not possible, the amount of damage can be measured in a serious amount.

This is a Ransomware!

What do ransomware do?

  1. Ransomware viruses can encrypt victim data such as business documents, videos, and photos. They will then demand a ransom for the reinstatement of the files.
  2. Such viruses can destroy predefined documents, multimedia files, and other important data. Of course, you can even remove essential system components or other important software components.
  3. In addition, blackmail viruses can be used to steal usernames, passwords, valuable documents, identity information, and other sensitive data. Data is transmitted over the Internet to a remote server.
  4. In the event of Ransomware infection, the system can become almost completely useless. Such threats can undermine the overall performance of the system.
  5. Ransomware and crypto-ransomware can shut down antivirus, antispyware and other security programs in a matter of minutes, destroying basic system security.
  6. Ransomware, of course, does not have built-in removal functionality. They hide hidden processes, files, and other items to make it even harder to uninstall.

It's clear that ransomware is very dangerous. Although they do not distribute themselves, they can cause serious problems in the attacked system. They can make indispensable data inaccessible, make the entire system inoperable, and even attribute personal information.

It is very important NOT TO PAY the required ransom because this does not help remove the infection and restore the data.

Protecting against ransomware:
  1. Stay offline to save our most valuable data to external media.
  2. Let's get active virus protection for your computer
  3. Update the virus definition database of the selected and installed security software, your operating system, your browser and add-ons regularly.

Source: zsarolovirus.hu

Thank you for reading! Dear All, please be careful until using the internet!

Have great day, have fun, and be happy! :beer: :beer: :beer:

Best wishes,
Donthack :hi:
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Re: Warning! New danger on the internet: Ransomware!

Postby testserver » May 18th, 2017, 20:28

i've heard about that shit lately. pretty awesome but dangerous stuff right there. really, if you used to have caution from random links or people, double that caution. its serious shit
All i wanna do is *Bang bang bang bang* *cash register sound* and take your moneyyy

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