Information about screenshot request.

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Information about screenshot request.

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Good evening,

As most of you know, to prevent more people to hack freely on our servers, we, at Europe HighXP, started to randomly ask for screenshots in game.
These screenshot request are only to prove once and for all that you are not using hacks that cannot be disabled in game.
Indeed, some of them, can be "turned off" only if you are out of the game.

The way you can take your screenshots : All.
You can use every possible way to take a screenshot, here are some examples :
  • Fraps.
  • Gyazo.
  • Windows Snipping Tool.
  • Cellphone.
  • Camera.

Are required in your screenshots :
  • The visibility of both your arms: If we cannot see your arms, your screenshot will be refused.
  • The visibility of your full screen: If we cannot see every part of your screen, your screenshot will be refused.
  • The visibility of the scoreboard: If we cannot see the scoreboard on at least one screenshot, it will be refused.

If the screenshot isn't given or you leave the game before giving it, you will be banned from our servers.
We are aware that these informations might not be seen and we will repeat them ingame.

Regards, HighXP staff.

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