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Page - Product Monitoring by Jouvenet; Azz Kikr; Support team;

Monitoring by Jouvenet; Azz Kikr; Support team;

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For all Sites and servers owners, now you can have our monitoring tool by which you can easily see the online players in your servers, their pings, scores and the game type. It can be added to your webpage so everyone can see that without the need to log into the servers.

This tool has been entirely made by Europe High XP Team, and they are offering it now for others for only €5.

For that price you'll have all the team efforts and work for you to make the tool for your site.
We'll only need from you:

       - Server's IP Port;
       - Choose the color you want;
       - "width" & "height";
       - Maps images or captions to be displayed;

*A full cooperation will be guaranteed from our team till it's done;
*Supported Games are:
       Call of DutyModern Warfare 3
       Quake 3;
       CS Source;
       Battlefield 2;

*All Rights reserved to Europe High Xp Servers (EHXP) ©copyright.

For any questions feel free to contact:
Jouvenet; Azz Kikr; Support team;

October 27, 2013