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Page - Logs reader by Gheorghe Ignat

Logs reader by Gheorghe Ignat

A programmer from the team of Europe High XP Servers, GHEORGHE IGNAT with a nickname (Martha Focker) has created an instrument "Logs reader", which gives the possibility to all admins in the game "Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 3" an easier way for finding punishments, expels, observing the staff, reasons of every action taken by a moderator or an admin. "Logs reader" is created for free in favor to the whole society of admins. It also could be used by every user who has the privilege to access and read log files of a specific server. The program is free and could be downloaded here. If you would like to thank him personally, use the link here, and also if you have some suggestions or questions. The software is with open code which you could find in our forums here.

New features:
- kick command it is now included (this will slow down the speed of the app because will have to read more data) as requested by Wyrus;
- will skip commands that don't have (can't find) a "target" aka punished player;
- once you read a file (or more) you can use the "Database - Import current log" menu to place this info in the database.
Known Issues:
- if a command against a player is issued at the begin of the log, playerID may not be found in the same log (he joined before in the previous day) so this one will be lost;
- if you import the same log twice in the sqlite db, at this time I do not check for duplicates, so please keep track of the files that you already imported; if you "mess up" you can exit the app, delete/move the MW3Logs.sqlite file, restart the app and a brand new empty database file will be created.
Use this like before, open single or multiple log files and they will be loaded; then you can export to CSV and/or import in the sqlite database. Note: loading multiple files may take longer, for me it took a bit over 3 minutes to load all files from March, so please be patient.

August 22, 2013