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Page - Kinect 2 is coming to PC and you can pre-order it for $199

Kinect 2 is coming to PC and you can pre-order it for $199

If you’ve ever seen a cool video of someone doing something incredible with a Kinect, the chances are it was made possible because Microsoft made sure the original Kinect had PC drivers. While it grew from that point to include support for other operating systems, thanks to a few clever software engineers, the end result is that there have been some really cool things made better by the Kinect. Since the announcement of the Xbox One, many people have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the PC version of the Kinect 2 that launched with the console. Today, Microsoft has finally opened a pre-order page for the Kinect 2 with a price tag of $199.

Because of its price tag, Microsoft’s Kinect platform opens a lot of doors for people looking to experiment with computer vision. For $200, you gain access to a sensor that can simultaneously process infrared alongside a normal camera, as well as a powerful SDK that includes methods of data interpretation like skeletal frame view and heat map views for developers to take advantage of. The Kinect 2 is a little bulkier than the original, but like its predecessor, the camera can be easily mounted on just about anything.

Pre-orders are now being accepted through the Microsoft store, with pricing and availability for dozens of countries all over the world. The pre-order includes access to a beta version of the updated Kinect SDK, and there will be plenty of updates along the way just like the previous version of the Kinect.

June 8, 2014

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