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A little History

It all started in the early 2012, with a single server on the network, which we had released, modified and maintained.
For a short period of time the server started reaching maximum capacity of players, thus, within 2-3 months we decided to open several new servers.

About Us

We are an international group of people from all around the world.
The servers are maintained by 58 countries from all continents. There is no average age among us. There are people from 8 do 67 years old, the administrators, moderators, vip members and all the rest ranks exceed 210 number of gamers.

Our servers work 24/7.

The plan for the future is similar to as we started. Recently several friends from our server have decided to spread the server's modification and now we are planning to include the following games from this link: (http://highxp.eu/?highxp=game-servers)

As you all know, nothing in this world is free, and we are asking you for your help because hardware maintenance of our servers costs money and we simply can't afford it. The gameplay itself will not be charged and all players are wellcome to join us. So if you are able, donate as much as you can and help us keep our servers online!

Thank you !